S5 E06 Talking About Money

Following on from the last episode about the Castlemaine Currency Project, this episode shares audio from a panel discussion that was part of the original exhibition and social experiment.  Featuring: Warwick Smith, Castlemaine Institute Karl Fitzgerald, Prosper Australia Merryn Tinkler, Mount Alexander Shire – Manager of Economy and Culture Anitra Nelson, University of Melbourne LINKS:Continue reading “S5 E06 Talking About Money”

S5 E05 The Castlemaine Currency Project

Local currencies and alternative money systems… what is that all about? Is it really a helpful thing to be thinking about in the middle of the climate crisis? Dale Cox, Jodi Newcomb and Ann Ferguson are a group of artists in Castlemaine who have created an art project and social experiment in the form ofContinue reading “S5 E05 The Castlemaine Currency Project”

S4 E18 Djakitj Larr (part 2)

In 2019 Bendigo was designated a UNESCO Creative City and Region of Gastronomy. In early 2021 about 100 people gathered at a winery just outside of Harcourt. Djakitj Larr was an afternoon of food, performance and creative conversation that allowed people to connect and reflect, and generate ideas for building sustainable food systems on DjaaraContinue reading “S4 E18 Djakitj Larr (part 2)”

S4 E17 Djakitj Larr

In 2019 Bendigo was designated a UNESCO Creative City and Region of Gastronomy. In this episode we discuss what that means and also deep dive into an event called Djakitj Larr which explores all the reasons why our region was chosen for this. In early 2021 about 100 people gathered at a winery just outsideContinue reading “S4 E17 Djakitj Larr”

S4 E14 A Library of Seeds

The Castlemaine Seed Library has been running for over five years with people ‘borrowing’ seeds to plant and grow food, and then ‘returning’ seeds once the plants have run their course. In this episode Seed Library founder Grace McCaughy and coordinator Eliza-Jane Gilchrist talk about the value of seeds and all that we can learn from them. WeContinue reading “S4 E14 A Library of Seeds”

S3 E21 Hear Here

Hear, Here is a sound art project that featured in the recent Castlemaine State Festival. In this episode we speak with the two artists who created Hear Here – Dan Koop and Daniele Constance. We conducted this interview on a boat in the local swimming hole ‘The Res’ (Expedition Pass Reservoir). As we paddled, driftedContinue reading “S3 E21 Hear Here”

S3 E18 Cape Grim with Jessie Boylan

Jessie Boylan is a PhD candidate at RMIT’s School of Art.  They have work in the upcoming Castlemaine State Festival called The Smallest Measure. Their thesis and upcoming art instillation has taken them out to the wilds of a remote outpost at the edge of Tasmania… to a place called Cape Grim where there isContinue reading “S3 E18 Cape Grim with Jessie Boylan”

S2E17 Adani Coal Mine

**This episode was repeated on the podcast a year and half after its initial release with a new introduction. This was done to mark the fact that in Nov 2021 Jacinta also took part in a non-violent direct action, locking on to coal machinery and helping to stop work for four hours** In this episodeContinue reading “S2E17 Adani Coal Mine”

S2E11 Author Illustrators

In this episode we chat with two local author illustrators who each use their art and story telling to reach a new generation with messages about love of nature and care for the environment.  Trace Balla is a Castlemaine local and much beloved author/illustrator who has produced multiple comic style books about young people learningContinue reading “S2E11 Author Illustrators”

S2E9 Upwelling – Art and Climate Change

This week we spoke with Ilka White (artist), Dale Cox (artist) and Brodie Ellis (curator and artist).  They are all involved in an exhibition about the climate crisis at Lot 19 Castlemaine called Upwelling. Our conversation explores the concept of the show and how it was brought together by Brodie and the works made byContinue reading “S2E9 Upwelling – Art and Climate Change”