threads / connections / repeated refrains

ideas that echo across episodes

Climate change and the climate crisis is a topic that touches everything – every industry, every aspect of our lives and every one… whether people will admit it or not.

That said, there are several broad themes that have emerged over and over again in the course of the interviews we’ve done for this show. These themes interlink and overlap, and weave in and out of different episodes.

I have deliberately made each episode different in theme and topic to the last, and created each season with as varied and diverse a mix of subjects as I could. This was to demonstrate just how inseparable climate change is from every aspect of our lives… and also to highlight the incredible diversity of activity that is happening here in Central Victoria as well as all around the world as we gradually wake up to our almost impossible situation.

This method of mine, of constantly switching up the topic may make it hard to find episodes on a topic of particular interest to you. So to help out with that I am progressively creating handy topic by topic guides for you! Click the images below for what I have put together so far and the list below is what I am working on.

More themes coming soon: Natural Disasters, Money, Community Building, Drawdown and Mitigation,

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