Indigenous Perspectives

Always was, always will be

Aboriginal land.

Our first nations people have an ancient culture. Their knowledge about the Australian landscape, its seasons, ecosystems and how to live here successfully has been around for millenia. Not listening to them might be the single most stupid thing we can do.

Aunty Julie McHale talks about the interconnectedness of Country and Aboriginal Culture.

We hear from the Djab Wurrung group protesting a highway development that will see the destruction of hundreds trees. Some of which are considered significant and sacred.

Who are the people drawn to help the Djab Wurrung Heritage Protection Embassy? What were they prepared to do to defend the trees?

A young Dja Dja Wurrung man, Harley Douglas, talks about how his work on Country looks at legless lizards and butterflies. Uncle Rick Nelson talks about how to help the next generation connect to Country.

Listen to a collection of short pieces that explore the Dja Dja Wurrung story – from pre-colonisation, through the gold rush to today…

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