S3 E19 Redbeard Bakery with John Reid

John Reid has been a sourdough baker for 30 years and in that time his passion for the craft has not diminished, but rather has only increased.

A leader in the industry, strong advocate for local food systems and supporting local farmers, he is an example of true sustainable business practice at his bakery, Redbeard.

Listen in as he and his family talk about the reasons they bought a bakery in a small town, off the beaten track. Then some of his bakers chat with me about what it has been like working there and what they have learned from him. And finally John and I talk about his latest endeavor, a collaborative attempt to grow and use indigenous grains in bread making.

Stay tuned for our next episode about the GrAiNZ movement, a loose collective of growers, millers and bakers who want to turn the industrial farming and bread making industry up side down.

This episode was created in 2021 as part of a series called Saltgrass: Turning the Goldfields Green, which was created with support from MAINfm and the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

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