A Castlemaine Commons Collective Project

In March 2022 Zoe Scoglio joined Allie live on MAINfm and shared some interviews she had collected for a Castlemaine Commons Collective project. Insightful, practical and often funny reflections about community, connectedness and resilience.

Episode 1

Episode One includes an introduction to the project and Zoe turns the tables and interviews Saltgrass host Allie Hanly. There is also a quick word with MAINfm Station Manager Steph Riddel about how community radio serves an important role in community in good times and bad.

Episode 2

Episode Two was recorded a fortnight later and includes interviews Zoe did with two locals; author Robyn Annear and ecologist Karl Just.

Song referenced: Sunset Village by Beverly Glenn-Copeland

(Sound quality starts out with some interference, but improves through the episode)

Episode 3

Episode 3 includes interviews with:

Episodes 4 coming soon

This season was made at MAINfm and was made possible with support from the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

It was broadcast on community radio stations MAINfm and 3MDR and was also released as a podcast.

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