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Saltgrass is produced on Djaara country in Central Victoria.

Each episode is a new story, a different angle and a fresh voice.

These in-depth interviews feature all sorts of everyday folk, including farmers, psychologists, ecologists, artists, change agents, and scientists about what they are doing to address the climate emergency.

Informative, warm, wise and insightful, Saltgrass is worth a listen.

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S4 E18 Djakitj Larr – part 2 Saltgrass

This is part two on Djakitj Larr – Eating Country Healthy.  Please listen to the previous episode first to hear the full story.    In 2019 Bendigo was designated a UNESCO Creative City and Region of Gastronomy. In early 2021 about 100 people gathered at a winery just outside of Harcourt. Djakitj Larr was an afternoon of food, performance and creative conversation that allowed people to connect and reflect, and generate ideas for building sustainable food systems on Djaara Country. In this two part podcast Allie shares audio from the day and also an interview with the creators.   Djakitj Larr creative team: Jodi Newcombe, executive producer and director Sam Thomas, creative development, sound design, stage manager: animate objects Will Tait, co-producer, performer and MC Rebecca Phillips, creative development, performer, advisor on Djaara knowledge Charlie Ahrens, creative development, stage manager: inanimate objects Anna Knight, Bendigo City Council Alex Perry, Situate Dining Ira Barker, Murnong Mummas Mitch Boney, sound scape in performance
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