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Saltgrass is produced on Djaara country in Central Victoria.

Each episode is a new story, a different angle and a fresh voice.

These in-depth interviews feature all sorts of everyday folk, including farmers, psychologists, ecologists, artists, change agents, and scientists about what they are doing to address the climate emergency.

Informative, warm, wise and insightful, Saltgrass is worth a listen.

Latest Episodes:

REPEAT: Adani Coal Mine Saltgrass

This episode was recorded and first released in May 2020. This is an updated version with a new intro. The interview remains exactly the same. In this episode we speak with a family of activists and we take a closer look at what is going on with the Adani Coal mine.  A hotly contested mine that is still in construction in Queensland.  Long term residents of Castlemaine Ben and Jacynta have spent a lifetime living with the earth in mind, from building a sustainable house to participating in protests and activism.  Ben travelled on the Adani convoy a couple of years ago, as lead by renowned greens leader and activist, Bob Brown.  Ben is a visual artist and is known locally as something of an agitator, often providing cheeky and provocative takes on the current political issues. Jacynta has studied a masters in social ecology, trained in facilitation and participated in the transition towns movement. At the time of recording Rilka, their daughter, was heavily involved in the activist groups trying to disrupt the Adani coal mine from going ahead.   The reason I have chosen this one to replay right now is that Jacynta has, in the last week, moved from being the proud parent of an activist to taking action herself.   LINKS: The Traditional Owners in the Galillee Basin where the Adani mine is happening and what they have been doing to stop the mine. Protest groups mentioned in the show: Blockade Australia FLAC – Frontline Action on Coal Stop Adani Galilee Rising Extinction Rebellion Galilee Blockade FOE Climate for Change Whistleblowers, Activists and Citizens Alliance (WACA) Latin American Solidarity Network (LASNET) Knitting Nanas
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