Saltgrass is produced on Djaara country in Central Victoria, Australia
Each episode is a new story, a different angle and a fresh voice.
In-depth interviews featuring everyday folk; farmers, psychologists, ecologists, artists, change agents, scientists and concerned citizenstalking about what can be done about the climate crisis at a local level.

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S5 E08 Living Democracy with Tim Hollo Saltgrass

Tim Hollo is many things, musician, politician, anarchist and the author of Living Democracy – An ecological manifesto for the end of the world as we know it. He was in conversation at the Taproom in Castlemaine with Jim Buckell and introduced by Alex Kelly with an extended Q&A with the audience.   Links: Living Democracy Book There is no time left not to do everything – an article and now a chapter in the book The Green Institute                                                                    Green Music Australia Fourplay Jim Buckell Democracy for Dinner Democracy for Dinner Substack   Tim Low’s book ‘Where Song Began’ Half of our body is not human  Nobel Prize winning economist Eleanor Ostrum ‘Defender of the commons’ Philosopher Hannah Arendt who escaped Nazi Germany and dedicated her academic life to exploring totalitarianism and the nature of power Fearless Cities as exampled by Barcelona Murray Bookchin Democratic confederalism as seen in Kurdish communities   Related Episodes: Democracy for Dinner Futures
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