Local action for a global problem

What can small towns and every day folk do about the global crisis that is climate change?

Listen to Saltgrass to find out what one rural community is doing on Jaara country, in Central Victoria, Australia.

Latest Episodes:

S3 E23 School Strikes: Fund our Future Saltgrass

The final episode for Season 3 has a plethora of voices all asking for the same thing: fund our future, not gas. The Australian School Strike for Climate crew have struck again.  Just before our state was locked down due to another covid outbreak thousands of students walked out of school and gathered in major cities and country towns.  Allie went to the train station early in the morning to chat with some of those travelling into Melbourne for the strike and also recorded the support rally that happened in Castlemaine later that day. For links and more information click here 
  1. S3 E23 School Strikes: Fund our Future
  2. S3 E22 Full Circle with Scott Ludlam and Alex Kelly
  3. S3 E21 Hear Here
  4. S3 E20 GrAiNZ
  5. S3 E19 Redbeard Bakery with John Reid
  6. S3 E18 Cape Grim with Jessie Boylan
  7. S3 E17 Repair
  8. S3 E16 Degrowth
  9. S3 E15 Second Hand Electric Vehicles with Anton Vikstrom
  10. S3 E14 Endgame