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Saltgrass is produced on Djaara country in Central Victoria.

Each episode is a new story, a different angle and a fresh voice.

These in-depth interviews feature all sorts of everyday folk, including farmers, psychologists, ecologists, artists, change agents, and scientists about what they are doing to address the climate emergency.

Informative, warm, wise and insightful, Saltgrass is worth a listen.

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Bonus: NonfictioNow Panel Discussion – part 1 Saltgrass

Allie and some other podcasters got together last year at the NonfictioNow Conference and had a long chat about what it is to make media and try to communicate about climate change. In this first part of the discussion we interview each other about our shows – what our shows are, how they came about and what we hope to achieve with it.    Featuring: Allie – Saltgrass Jess and Ash – Heaps Better Tessa – The Nature Between Us Mark – Climactic  
  1. Bonus: NonfictioNow Panel Discussion – part 1
  2. End Season 4 – short message
  3. S4 E18 Djakitj Larr – part 2
  4. S4 E17 Djakitj Larr – Eating Country Healthy
  5. S4E16 The Youth Are Rising
  6. S4 E15 Democracy For Dinner
  7. S4 E14 A Library of Seeds
  8. S4E13 Futures with Alex Kelly and John Wiseman
  9. Podcast listeners, I haven’t forgotten you!
  10. S4E12 Water with Steven Healy from Coliban Water