Saltgrass in the Media

Saltgrass has been tootling along doing it’s own thing for a while now. Back in 2018 when we started with the pilot project An Environment For Change I was really excited to get 30 listeners per episode!

Things were very quiet for the next year and a bit as I tried to get more funding to launch the bigger project. The Community Broadcasting Foundation came through with support for the show to launch again at the start of 2020

We launched the show just weeks before the Covid 19 pandemic changed all of our lives.

Listeners were climbing slowing but steadily over the next year, but things really took off in April 2021 when we were mentioned in the New York Times on Earth Day in as one of five climate podcasts to listen to. This gave a huge and unexpected boost to the show’s listenership – especially in America and internationally.

It also lead to coverage in the local newspaper and a chat on the Saturday morning breakfast show on ABC radio in Ballarat (you may have to search for the program that aired on the 22nd of May 2021 and skip to the last half hour to hear the interview)

Saltgrass has also been featured on Feedspot

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