Production Team and Partners

Production Team

Allie Hanly

Producer and host

Each episode takes a huge amount of work. This includes researching topics and guests, making contact with guests, conducting pre-interviews, interviewing, editing, mastering, uploading and marketing.

Allie has a background in the arts and community radio. She started in radio in 2013 with a weekly arts news show co-produced with friend Robyn Walton called Art Swank, which they hosted for 3 years. She has also worked with the local aboriginal community to make Dja Dja Wurrung Radio series and has been the breakfast show host, station content producer and has worked on many other small projects at MAINfm.

Nathan Johnson

Transcription, musical ambiance and general support

Nathan has created most of the musical breaks and background tracks for Saltgrass. Anything with bird calls in it, that’s him. He is an ecologist with a special interest and love of the desert.

Bobbi the Dog

Break enforcer and excellent listener

Bobbi sits with Allie as she works on the podcast and offers support via her cuteness and insistence that getting up and going for a walk are also very important activites.

Partner Organisations

MAINfm 94.9

Home base community radio station

Alison cut her teeth as a broadcaster at MAINfm. They are an excellent community radio station, supporting local music and content production.

MAINfm has supported Saltgrass: Turning the Goldfields Green in many ways, but most significantly by auspicing grants that have allowed the show to get started. Saltgrass airs on MAINfm Tuesdays at 4pm.


Community Broadcasting Foundation

The Community Broadcasting Foundation is a funding body set up to support community radio and television stations across Australia. They provide grants for stations and content producers. They have awarded MAINfm and Allie grants to produce seasons 2 and 3 of Saltgrass.

Previous Contributors


The Mount Alexander Sustainability Group

MASG supported Saltgrass in seasons two and three.

Allie worked for the organisation during this time and they helped with access to technology, internet and a wonderful array of local people and connections. Allie worked at MASG for three years as their communications officer and the role allowed her to be intimately involved with the nitty gritty of the local sustainability movement.

Mount Alexander Shire Council

Local council grants

Season 1 of Saltgrass: An Environment for Change was supported by a grant from the Mount Alexander Shire Council. This allowed for a short series of episodes to be made, which acted as a pilot project.

Eva Whyte

Research, editing and social media

Eva Whyte assisted through Season 2: Turning the Goldfields Green.

She was invaluable as a research assistant, sound editor and assisted with content production for social media.

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