Food Systems and Agriculture

Food systems and agriculture can be hugely damaging to our planet, but they also offer some important opportunities.

Industrial agriculture is responsible for a huge amount of emissions, water consumption and water contaminants. It is also an amazing industry that has the opportunity to sequester carbon instead of release it. Food security is a major concern as the world warms and our environment changes. What are people coming up with to ensure that we can all thrive in a changing world? Clue: it is not global or high tech or coming from government or corporations.

Dr Jess Drake is a soil scientist who talks to us about why Australian soils are different to others around the world and what part soil plays in the climate crisis.

What is regenerative agriculture and how can a local group of farmers really make a difference to climate change?

John Reid and family have created a bakery that exemplifies everything that we need to see if we are to create food security and strong communities in the face of climate change.

The GrAiNZ movement is a loose collective of growers, millers and bakers who want to turn the industrial farming and bread making industry upside down.

Madeline Hudson shares stories from her life as an activist, musician and zero waste food educator.

Mel Willard from Gung Hoe Growers and Chris Hain from the Castlemaine Farmers Market talk about the importance of supporting local food producers.

We explore documentary film ‘When the River Runs Dry’ with film makers Peter Yates and Rory McLeod. Industrial, multinational agriculture has a lot to do with why one of Australia’s largest rivers is running dry.

Sas and Mel from Gung Hoe Growers talk about what it has been like to run a small farm and the importance of supporting local food producers.

Local orchardists Katie and Ant talk about organic and small scale farming and food sovereignty.

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