S5 E07 Root to Tip with Duang

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Duang moved to Castlemaine just a few years ago, but is already an integral part of the fabric of our community.

She sells delicious Thai cooking at the weekly farmers market and came here, as you will hear, in part because she knew about the Harcourt Organic Farming Cooperative and the community supported agriculture schemes that they employ.

Duang was so keen to support the farmers that she offered a free zero waste cooking class to CSA members at her own home – a way to offer more value to those who subscribed. It was a fun class with Duang peppering the cooking advice with stories of her life. We made pesto out of carrot tops and talked about what makes a good life.


SBS episode about Duang’s life

Duang’s cooking school

Harcourt Organic Farming Cooperative

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This episode was created in 2023 and was created with support from MAINfm and the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

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