S5 E08 Living Democracy

Tim Hollo is many things, musician, politician, anarchist and the author of Living Democracy – An ecological manifesto for the end of the world as we know it. He was in conversation at the Taproom in Castlemaine with Jim Buckell and introduced by Alex Kelly with an extended Q&A with the audience. “We have itContinue reading “S5 E08 Living Democracy”

S5 E07 Root to Tip with Duang

Duang moved to Castlemaine just a few years ago, but is already an integral part of the fabric of our community. She sells delicious Thai cooking at the weekly farmers market and came here, as you will hear, in part because she knew about the Harcourt Organic Farming Cooperative and the community supported agriculture schemesContinue reading “S5 E07 Root to Tip with Duang”

S5 E06 Talking About Money

Following on from the last episode about the Castlemaine Currency Project, this episode shares audio from a panel discussion that was part of the original exhibition and social experiment.  Featuring: Warwick Smith, Castlemaine Institute Karl Fitzgerald, Prosper Australia Merryn Tinkler, Mount Alexander Shire – Manager of Economy and Culture Anitra Nelson, University of Melbourne LINKS:Continue reading “S5 E06 Talking About Money”

S5 E05 The Castlemaine Currency Project

Local currencies and alternative money systems… what is that all about? Is it really a helpful thing to be thinking about in the middle of the climate crisis? Dale Cox, Jodi Newcomb and Ann Ferguson are a group of artists in Castlemaine who have created an art project and social experiment in the form ofContinue reading “S5 E05 The Castlemaine Currency Project”

S5 E04 The Salvage Yard

Anna and Matt run the Salvage Yard in Castlemaine. They rescue building materials that would otherwise go to landfill, clean it up and sell it on. It isn’t hoarding if you turn it into a business is it? This episode is exploring waste again, but this time we are looking at the building industry andContinue reading “S5 E04 The Salvage Yard”

S5 E03 The Good Op Shop

Tiffany Inglis started an op shop 18 months ago and all she wanted to do was save the world one pair of very cheap second hand jeans at a time.  Not only is the Good Op shop keeping A LOT of stuff out of landfill, but money raised there is then given to worthy environmentalContinue reading “S5 E03 The Good Op Shop”

S5 E02 Wilderhoods

Cassia Read and Ada Nano are both ecologists who have been working within a local climate focussed hub called The Castlemaine Institute.  They have been developing a program called Wilderhoods that helps neighbours come together, learn about the land they are on and how to turn their nature strips and yards into places that birds,Continue reading “S5 E02 Wilderhoods”

S5 E01 Wheelie Bins

Are you worried about waste? If so, join us on an epic adventure of plastic reduction, waste management and letting your wheelie bin get dusty from neglect! In this episode you can hear all about one inspiring local who has tackled this challenge head on. Gemma has set herself the incredible challenge of putting herContinue reading “S5 E01 Wheelie Bins”

Between Seasons Bonus!

Part 1 Part 2 Allie and some other podcasters got together last year at the NonfictioNow Conference and had a long chat about what it is to make media and try to communicate about climate change. In this second part of the discussion we explore why we make our shows and the various problems weContinue reading “Between Seasons Bonus!”

End of Season 4 – short message

A short message from show producer and host Allie Hanly, including some hints about what is coming up for Saltgrass… This episode was created in 2022 as part of a series called Saltgrass: Turning the Goldfields Green, which was created with support from MAINfm and the Community Broadcasting Foundation.