Saltgrass is a fortnightly radio show and podcast highlighting and celebrating what people are doing about the climate crisis in their own communities.

Created on Jaara country in Castlemaine, Central Victoria, Australia.

This show was born out of frustration at watching the Australian government consistently make decisions that favoured the fossil fuel industry, even as the majority of Australians said that they were worried about climate change. It became more and more apparent that the answer would have to come from the ground up, that is, every day people doing what they could in their region to make a change.

The show features in depth interviews with all sorts of people. Saltgrass creator Allie Hanly found that the more she talked to people the more there was to talk about. We have interviewed farmers, engineers, community workers, health care professionals, artists, activists, children and passionate retirees. Topics include science, conservation, advocacy, tech solutions and societal change. No industry or aspect of our society is immune to the problem that is climate change.

Climate change has disturbed the sleep of many people in this community and in fact every other.

 For this reason it is extremely helpful to have a media presence that gently teases at the questions that lie behind this disquiet rather than aggressively and obsessively pouncing on “answers”

Terry White

Although the show is made in Castlemaine and features people from this region, this movement is truly global. What one community is doing in rural Australia is what many communities are doing all around the world. What is possible here is possible elsewhere. What we have learned from watching and listening to other communities, others may learn from us.

After all, a grass roots movement is just a bunch of people who decided to get together, discuss ideas and then do something.

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