S4 E14 A Library of Seeds

The Castlemaine Seed Library has been running for over five years with people ‘borrowing’ seeds to plant and grow food, and then ‘returning’ seeds once the plants have run their course.

In this episode Seed Library founder Grace McCaughy and coordinator Eliza-Jane Gilchrist talk about the value of seeds and all that we can learn from them.

We discuss how the seed library began and how it works, as well as big ideas like the value of local seed banks in a changing climate, multinational seed trade, the resonances between seed collecting and art, and how we can foster a love of gardening and appreciation of all the cycles of nature in the next generation.


Links to references made in this episode:

The Castlemaine Seed Library                                          

Eliza-Jane Gilchrist – artist             

Castlemaine Library              

The Hub Foundation                                               

Castlemaine Community House Community garden                  

Growing Abundance                          

International peasants movement         

Useful seeds Bendigo                            

CSIRO soil science book for children       

Entangled Life – book       

Lost Seeds NSW seed company                      

Scale Free Network 

This episode was created in 2022 as part of a series called Saltgrass: Turning the Goldfields Green, which was created with support from MAINfm and the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

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