S3E8 Zero Waste Food

S2E10 Corona virus and human signs

Corona virus links Hygene advice from a Nona Toilet paper alternatives – the presenter is super excited to share with you – but don’t be afraid, she runs through some good options Wind Farm and Human Sign Links: Hepburn Wind Friends of the Earth John Knox the King of the Human Sign Recommended Reading –Continue reading “S2E10 Corona virus and human signs”

S2E9 Upwelling – Art and Climate Change

Featured Music The gorgeous song in this episode – suggested by Ilka – is from a project called The Lost Words Spell Songs – who kindly gave us permission to use the full song in this podcast.  “The Lost Words: Spell Songs is a musical companion piece to The Lost Words: A Spell Book, the acclaimed work byContinue reading “S2E9 Upwelling – Art and Climate Change”

S2E8 Coping with Climate Change

S2E7 When the River Runs Dry

S2E6 Protest (part 2)

S2E5 Terry White

S2E4 Protest (part 1)

S2E3 Transition Towns

This episode was created in 2020 as part of a series called Turning the Goldfields Green. This series was created with support from MASG, MAINfm and the Community Broadcasting Foundation.