S2E17 Adani Coal Mine

This is the original episode as released in May 2020

**This episode was repeated on the podcast a year and half after its initial release with a new introduction. This was done to mark the fact that in Nov 2021 Jacinta also took part in a non-violent direct action, locking on to coal machinery and helping to stop work for four hours**

This is the version released in Nov 2021 with a new introduction.

In this episode I speak with a family of activists about the Adani coal mine and why it is being protested

Ben Laycock, Jacinta Walsh and their daughter Rilka Laycock-Walsh have each participated in different ways; Ben joined last year’s Adani convoy as lead by Bob Brown, Rilka has been protesting Adani with non violent direct action and all three have led a life of environmental activism.


An article about protesters at camp Binbee and what they are up against.

Art Swank interview with Ben Laycock about how his art practice and his activism interact.

Transition Towns episode as mentioned at the start of this episode.

The Traditional Owners in the Galillee Basin where the Adani mine is happening and what they have been doing to stop the mine.

Protest groups mentioned in the show:

This episode was created in 2020 as part of a series called Turning the Goldfields Green. This series was created with support from MASG, MAINfm and the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

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