S4 E05 Cycling Together

Recorded at a live, online book launch of Trace Balla’s latest creation Cycling Together.

Trace is a multi award winning author, illustrator and creates the most beautiful graphic novellas, including Rivertime, Rockhopping and the Thank you Dish.

This is a beautiful book with a very important message. Trace has created this book to support the work her brother Mark Balla is doing in India to help girls stay in school with his charity Operation Toilets.  We are joined today by both Trace and Mark. We are also joined by Jane Bennett, menstrual educator and agent of cultural change around how women and girls think and feel about their monthly cycle.

The event happened on Sat 18th September 2021.


How to get the book:     https://traceballa.com/cyclingtogether

Trace Balla website: https://traceballa.com

Mark Balla:

TED talk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3xr13xFfto

Toilet Warrior: https://www.toiletwarrior.net/

Operation Toilets: https://www.operationtoilets.org.au/

Jane Bennett:

Chalice Foundation: https://chalicefoundation.org/

Celebration Day For Girls: https://celebrationdayforgirls.com/

Topics we’ve discussed:

Drawdown – educating girls: https://drawdown.org/solutions/health-and-education

United Nations goals: https://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/

This episode was created in 2021 as part of a series called Saltgrass: Turning the Goldfields Green, which was created with support from MAINfm and the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

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