The Wycheproof Method

About half way to Mildura from here (Castlemaine) there is a town called Wycheproof. It has a significant, if confusing, claim to fame. Here is where you can scale the mighty heights of the worlds smallest (registered) mountain. “The name is from the Wergaia1 language word witchi-poorp meaning rushes or grass on a hilltop.”2 On one of myContinue reading “The Wycheproof Method”

S4 E07 Charging the Regions

Rob Law, Executive Officer of the CVGA (Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance) joins us to talk about alliances and collaborations between local councils. After years of careful and persistent efforts the CVGA has been instrumental in helping numerous councils in Victoria come together and commit to 10 years worth of renewable energy AND install electric vehicleContinue reading “S4 E07 Charging the Regions”