S3E3 Masks and Permaculture

Episode Summary

In this episode we are talking about masks, refugees and permaculture…. How are those things related?  Well, in several ways it turns out. 

We have three guests: Ginny Thomas has been working with refugee and immigrant women through an organisation called Sisterworks and they have been making washable, re-usable, cloth masks.  Virginia Solomon has also been making masks, but this time as a fundraiser for Permaculture Australia, she talks to us about masks, waste and permaculture.  Then finally Ian Lillington has been a leader in and educator of permaculture here in Central Victoria for over a decade and he talks to us about how the permaculture movement has had an impact in our region and also finds ways that masks and mask wearing in times of pandemic are related to the principles of permaculture.

This episode was created in 2020 as part of a series called Turning the Goldfields Green. This series was created with support from MASGMAINfm and the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

About Masks:

More masks than Jellyfish?

PPE pollution in the UK

Some videos about mask wearing from the World Health Organisation

“A dual-layered cloth mask is sufficient to protect people in public settings. It’s unlikely you’ll be infected in public by airborne viral particles. The real threat is touching an infected surface and then putting your hand to your face: Frequent hand-washing is a sure way to avoid COVID-19.” Source 

Research into the best fabrics to make masks out of

The three C’s Ian spoke of in terms of situations that put you most at risk. 

The Department of Health and Human Services’s (DHHS) advice on wearing masks

The DHHS’s mask design

Other resources and Links:

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

Loddon Campaspe Multicultural Services

Virginia’s website with masks for sale

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