Hi, this is me talking to you without the microphone. I might end up recording some of these and uploading them onto the podcast. But really, I just want a place that I can put some of the stories that happen outside of the episodes, you know, share some of my thoughts and reflections. I get self conscious about waxing on and on about my own thoughts in an episode as I don’t like to take up too much space on air. I want the show to be about the people I’m talking to, not me! But there are lots of things I think about that are linked to the episodes and stories about the process and interview adjacent ideas that I think are worth sharing. Hence the title Sidelight for these posts.

xx Allie

Image Description: Allie holding a microphone in her home studio with fingers up in friendly V sign, not the unfriendly one. In front of her is an unfinished puzzle and Bobbi the ginger kelpie is on the couch. That puzzle remains unfinished – it had a piece missing!!

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