Definition: incidental light or information

Stories, thoughts, reflections, photos, philosophical meanderings…

  • The Wycheproof Method
    About half way to Mildura from here (Castlemaine) there is a town called Wycheproof. It has a significant, if confusing, claim to fame. Here is where you can scale the mighty heights of the worlds smallest (registered) mountain. “The name is from the Wergaia1 language word witchi-poorp meaning rushes or grass on a hilltop.”2 On one of myContinue reading “The Wycheproof Method”
  • Welcome
    Hi, this is me talking to you without the microphone. I might end up recording some of these and uploading them onto the podcast. But really, I just want a place that I can put some of the stories that happen outside of the episodes, you know, share some of my thoughts and reflections. IContinue reading “Welcome”
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