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S3 E19 Redbeard Bakery with John Reid Saltgrass

This episode takes a look at a local bakery and how it can be an example of everything we want to achieve in terms of community building, supporting local food systems and taking care of the planet. Find out more at
  1. S3 E19 Redbeard Bakery with John Reid
  2. S3 E18 Cape Grim with Jessie Boylan
  3. S3 E17 Repair
  4. S3 E16 Degrowth
  5. S3 E15 Second Hand Electric Vehicles with Anton Vikstrom
  6. S3 E14 Endgame
  7. A (cautious) 2021 New Years message
  8. S3 E13 Ecology and the Economy with Warwick Smith
  9. S3 E12 Talking About Climate with Rebecca Huntley
  10. S3 E11 Djab Wurrung Allies and Supporters

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