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S4 E04 The Bioenergy Debate – Part 2 – Questions and Answers Saltgrass

Recorded at a recent town meeting this episode shares the Q&A session that followed the presentation by Deane Belfield of MASG  This is our second episode looking at the contentious bioenergy plant proposed for Castlemaine. (hear the presentation in our last episode) For many who are worried about climate change this kind of renewable energy project seems like a great idea, but those living at its doorstep have some serious reservations.  Find out more about the proposed project at
  1. S4 E04 The Bioenergy Debate – Part 2 – Questions and Answers
  2. S4 E03 The Bioenergy Debate – Part 1 – The Presentation
  3. S4 E02 Human Health and Climate
  4. S4 E01 What is Saltgrass?
  5. S3 E23 School Strikes: Fund our Future
  6. S3 E22 Full Circle with Scott Ludlam and Alex Kelly
  7. S3 E21 Hear Here
  8. S3 E20 GrAiNZ
  9. S3 E19 Redbeard Bakery with John Reid
  10. S3 E18 Cape Grim with Jessie Boylan

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