Book Club

We often talk about books people have been reading in our interviews. There are so many brilliant and beautiful books out there about climate change and the changes we could embrace as a society for a better future.

The Saltgrass Book Club is an idea that has come out of watching the stack of books on my bedside table grow and grow. When I am in the middle of one I often just want to read the book out loud as a podcast, just to share the ideas that excite me so much, touch me or give me hope.

I have been lucky enough to talk to some authors in the show, like Rebecca Huntley ‘How to Talk about Climate Change’, and Trace Balla and JM Rodier. I’ve also captured other author conversations such as Alex Kelly interviewing Scott Ludlam about his book Full Circle. I love these interviews, but not all authors are available or possible to interview. I also think that there is something really rich in hearing several people in discussion about a book, weaving their own stories in and out of their reflection on the content of the book.

So stay tuned for some upcoming book club discussions. I’ll let you know which books are about to be discussed and will invite comments and insights or reflections from listeners which will be read out in the show and will become part o our discussion.

I’d also really love to hear from you about what books about climate or environment have been important to you.


Saltgrass’ Recommended Reading List

Doughnut Economics

Sand Talk

How to Talk About Climate Change – Rebecca Huntley

Full Circle – Scott Ludlam

The Good Ancestor –

Braiding Sweetgrass


Coming Back to Life – Joanna Macy and Molly Brown

Climate a New Story – Charles Eisenstein

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