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S4 E07 Charging the Regions with Rob Law Saltgrass

Rob Law, Executive Officer of the CVGA – or the Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance – joins us to talk about alliances and collaborations between local councils, its not as boring as it sounds, I promise. After years of careful and persistent efforts the CVGA has been instrumental in helping numerous councils in Victoria come together and commit to 10 years worth of renewable energy AND install electric vehicle charging stations to connect small towns to the ever increasing cohort of EV drivers.   Find out more at  
  1. S4 E07 Charging the Regions with Rob Law
  2. S4 E06 Healthy Soil with Dr Jess Drake
  3. S4 E05 Cycling Together
  4. S4 E04 The Bioenergy Debate – Part 2 – Questions and Answers
  5. S4 E03 The Bioenergy Debate – Part 1 – The Presentation
  6. S4 E02 Human Health and Climate
  7. S4 E01 What is Saltgrass?
  8. S3 E23 School Strikes: Fund our Future
  9. S3 E22 Full Circle with Scott Ludlam and Alex Kelly
  10. S3 E21 Hear Here